Dr Bridget Clancy is an Ear, Nose, Throat & Head & Neck surgeon.

Dr Clancy provides patient-centred care in a culturally safe setting for children and adults. 

All staff are trained in cultural safety and gender diversity.

Our practice values are service to rural patients, quality, respect, integrity and innovation.

We utilise information and communication technologies to improve services to patients and referrers including

  • comprehensive information for patients on our website and You Tube channel,
  • online secure patient registration,
  • prompt secure electronic delivery of communication to referrers,
  • telehealth,
  • SMS reminders,
  • data capture for regular review of results of surgery and outcomes for patients,
  • and patient and referrer satisfaction surveys to facilitate continuous improvement.

Effective communication during consultations, online and in print facilitates our patients’ self-care and informed consent for surgery. Patients are provided with a printed plan for treatment during their consultation.

We are changing the way we work to keep our staff and patients safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch the video  to learn about the changes or read on

The COVID-19 virus (also called corona virus) will significantly affect the Australian Community over the coming months. Symptoms include fever, cough and shortness of breath. The virus is spread by droplet (a droplet of saliva or mucous from an infected person going into the mouth or nose of another person) and by touching surfaces an infected person has touched, then touching your own nose or mouth.

We are changing the way we work to keep staff and patients safe because:

  1. ENT surgeons and nurses have a higher risk of getting covid 19 when they examine or operate on the ears, nose and throat. ENT surgeons and nurses have a higher risk of dying from COVID 19
  2. People have a higher chance of getting covid 19 when they come into contact with people, including in hospital or waiting rooms

It’s about prevention

If you have visited the clinic or had surgery in the last month, there is no need to be concerned. There have been no known COVID19 infections associated with the clinic. These changes are to prevent spread of infection.

Virtual clinic-bulk billing

We will still care for our patients by becoming a virtual clinic. This means

  1. The clinic will be closed from Monday 23 of March
  2. All care will be delivered by telehealth (video calls)
  3. All telehealth consultations will be bulk billed
  4. All non-essential surgery will be cancelled
  5. Cancer surgery and cancer care will continue

If you have an appointment or surgery booked, our staff will contact you to arrange a telehealth consultation with your surgeon. All clinic surgeons, nurses and staff will continue to work to support our patients and general practitioners.

For further information about how to care for yourself and your family during this time:

Ring the Vic Gov Corona Virus Help Line on  1800 675 398 , available 24 hours a day or visit their website  for information, updated daily.

To reduce spread of infection the government recommends:

  1. cough into a tissue or your elbow, not your hand
  2. wash your hands frequently, especially before meals, for 20 seconds with soap
  3. avoid touching your face without washing your hands first
  4. maintain social distancing: stay home when possible, keep 2 metre distance from other people
  5. keep socially connected through phone calls, video calls, social media, checking in on friends, family and neighbours.

Beyond Blue has resources to help us stay well during this time.