Practice Address

55 Banyan Street
Warrnambool VIC 3280

T (03) 5560 5411
m PO Box 39 Warrnambool VIC 3280

On street parking is available and the entrance to the practice is at the rear of the building.

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Argus RSD 

Our practice prefers to send patient information and receive referrals and correspondence from medical practitioners via encrypted email using our Argus RSD address or ReferralNet. Please contact admin staff for details.


Disabled parking spaces are located at the rear of the property. All consulting, procedure and amenity areas of the practice are wheelchair accessible.

Please let the staff know if you need assistance to access our clinic and services.

Safe and Welcome Place

Our practice is a safe and welcome place for all LGBTIQ people.

Staff are trained in and committed to the Safe and Welcome Place initiative. To find out more click YUMCHA and Safe in the SouthWest.


Breastfeeding is supported in all areas of the practice including the waiting room.

After hours

If you require emergency care outside business hours, attend your nearest emergency department or the hospital where you had your surgery.

FAQ about Dr Clancy’s on call. 

This email address is monitored periodically and is not our preferred means of communication. There is a risk that important clinical information sent to this address may be missed or not picked up, particularly time critical information. In additional we urge all patients to carefully consider the issue of security before sending medical information via un-encrypted email.

You can use the patient registration page to securely upload sensitive clinical information, like your referral. Please do not use normal post for forwarding time critical information. We encourage patients to phone the practice or make an appointment to discuss clinical issues.

The receptionist is responsible for monitoring incoming email from the website link.